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Instructor - LYN

Really nice man, who was great at teaching and explaining everything. Helped me pass in a handful of lesson and still got me to pass with only 2 minors , would highly recommend.


Instructor - ROB

Rob is a brilliant instructor, he’s been amazing from the very first lesson!!! Definitely recommend having lessons with him!


Instructor - ROB

Rob is a great driving instructor he always remains calm. I was such a nervous/anxious driver but with perseverance I've done it! so thankful for the help and support from Rob and I would recommend him to anyone!


Instructor - LYN

'Thank you so much! Incredibly reliable and an amazing instructor, 10/10 would definitely recommend. You’ll find no better instructor! Thank you Lyn!'


Instructor - ROB

Highly recommend Rob as a driving instructor.

Very patient, supportive to all his pupils and gives his pupils lots of confidence to be able to drive.

We are so pleased to have found Rob and would certainly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive.


Instructor - LYN

Lyn is a very well prepared and organised driving instructor. I have been driving for over 7 months and have been very lucky to have a driving instructor as good as Lyn. He would always make sure I am happy and comfortable on what we were doing. He’s a very lovely and easy going person. Today I passed my test and couldn’t thank Lyn more for his help at time. I very highly recommend Lyn. Thank you very much for all your effort, keep up the good work.


Instructor - LYN

“Highly rated driving instructor. Doesn’t waste any time, and thoroughly gets through each phase of driving. Ensures that you are doing safety checks throughout the lessons, which prepares you for your test. Approachable guy, ensures that you are comfortable with all manouvres and asks you what you want to practice. Thankfully, with the help of Lyn I passed my test first time.”


Instructor - LYN

“Very patient and easy to talk to, Lyn is very professional and and makes you feel at ease. I’m really glad I chose Lyn Jones to be my instructor. Thank you for teaching me to drive well and with confidence.”


Instructor - LYN

'After being on and off with driving for about 5 years I finally found Lyn and knew from day one he was the perfect instructor for me. He’s very friendly and calm and so easy to talk too. He makes you feel at ease and is hands down the best instructor I have had. He doesn’t make you feel silly for any mistakes you make and will have a laugh with you too, no faults. 10/10'


Instructor - ROB

“Fantastic instructor

I had been to a previous instructor and my nerves and confidence were getting in the way, failed test so many times.

I decided to go with Rob whom  has built my confidence up and not as nervous driver as I was, he is so calm and so patient and helps you with anything you are struggling with and over come it. He explains everything in a clear way. I can’t thank rob enough for what he has helped me achieve today thank you rob so much.”


Instructor - ROB

“I had lessons with Rob for 7 months. I hadn’t driven with an instructor for over 2 years and was so nervous! Rob made me feel so relaxed - his patience is truly admirable. I passed first time with Rob in March and could not thank him enough for his patience and dedication. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to learn to drive.”


Instructor - ROB

“Rob is a fab instructor who is very supportive. Since learning with Rob not only did my driving ability improve but so did my confidence whilst driving. Thank you so much Rob for all your help from lessons to providing useful learning resources. Diolch!”


Instructor - ROB

Rob is an excellent driving instructor, very supporting, helpful and encouraging. would highly recommend him to anyone that wants to start driving.


Instructor - ROB

Brilliant Instructor! Passed first time all thanks to Rob! I highly recommend him first class Driving Instructor. Thanks again Rob!


Instructor - LYN

I'd like to thank Lyn for all the hard work he put in teaching me to drive that enabled me to pass first time. I hadn't had any previous experience driving and wasn't fully familiar with the Carmarthen area but he was very calm, professional and consistent with me. Thank you Lyn.


Instructor - LYN

Lyn was very friendly and made me feel comfortable straight away. Very patient and easy to talk to. Would highly recommend Lyn to anybody.


Instructor - LYN

'Big thank you to Lyn for being the most patient and helpful instructor! I would highly recommend him to anyone.'


Instructor - LYN

Amazing instructor. So friendly and really easy to talk to and was never awkward. Highly recommend!

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