Covid-19 and how it will change your driving lessons...

In order to keep you and us safe it is important that we all follow the following procedures.


  • You MUST wear a face mask for the entire time you are in the car. You must provide your own mask. If you turn up to your lesson without a mask you will be provided with a disposable mask at a cost of £1.
  • The car will be sanitised before and after your lesson. Please don't enter the car until you are told its ok to do so to give us time to finish the sanitising process.
  • Please wash your hands before you leave the house. You will be given hand sanitiser to use before you enter the car (this will be provided but you may use your own if you wish).
  • The windows will need to be left open slightly through the lesson to help air circulation.
  • If you or anyone you have been in close contact with show any symptoms of Covid-19 please get in contact to cancel your lesson with as much notice as possible and do not book any more lessons for the next 14 days.
  • If you need a break to get some fresh air and remove your mask outside the vehicle during the lesson just ask and we will find somewhere safe to stop.

By following these procedures we are confident we can keep everyone safe. If you have any issues or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss.


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